Latest mju Camera From Olympus

Olympus continue to enrich their digital camera mju series as trendy and strong digital camera. The latest type which is mju 1010 come up with 10 MPx resolution supported. It's there for those who like to carry easy-to-use digital camera with the high quality image producer plus stylish design. And don't forget about mju characteristic which is water and dust proof, enable you to freely taking picture everywhere you want.

The design is no much different from previous design, still comfortable to grab, The back side panel give enough space for HyperCrystal 2.7 inch LCD, through this display, objects will be served clear and sharp, thanks to the tecnology.

Like the predecessor of mju types, mju 1010 is equipped with Dual Image Stabilization which very useful to stabilize shoot, and for low light environment, the technology will improve the image result although noises are still occur along with the increase of ISO. But generally, photos produced are greats, especially compared to the same class camera, the results are competitive.

Mju has Face Detection feature, which is started tobe popular feature among pocket digital camera, complete with 7x optimal zoom for taking picture from distance. The performance from this Olypus mju 1010 is quite impressive, with start up time less than 2 seconds. It also has fast responce in taking picture so you will not miss any moment with this camera. Mju 1010 is equipped with panorama mode also, but it only active when you use xD memory format from Olympus, it's strange, isn't it?

Like other simple pocket digital camera, this camera is also equipped with video recording, limited to 640 x 380 pixels resolution at 30 fps, but you only could record video just for 10 seconds, this is another strange.. It's definitely make recording very very limited. Olympus Mju 1010 offers not only the easy-to-use digital camera with perfect finishing. The zoom is big, technology applied, plus dust and water proof.


Genius Release 8.1 Mpx Digital Camera

Genius which is known as computer peripheral vendor, has taking next step to produce other gadget. It’s a digital camera, and pocket category. Actually this not the only camera Genius has produced, but this is one of the newest one.

The digital camera named G-Shot P831, using CCD tecnology to capture images. The resolution supported by this digital camera is 8.1 Mpx, pretty high for a pocket camera. 3x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom result total zoom at 12x, but optical zoom only is highly recommended since digital zoom technology basically is pixel interpolation process which image processor software capable to do. To help taking picture, 2.7 inch display is ready, with good quality to display image.

Cool feature coming from G-Shot P831 is smile detector which enable to detect smile from human object to shoot. Also there is face tracker to make your face always in the centre of the image, photo frames template to choose, and voice recording. The camera is also capable in movie recording.

Genius G-Shot P831 is only requires AA size batteries to operate. For data storage, there is external memory HCSD up to 8 GB, and also anti shaking feature. The connection support USB 2.0 high speed for fast data transfer.

If you find this camera interesting, the price is around US $ 149, quite cheap for 8.1 mpx camera..


Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3, Simple High Tech Camera

Pocket digital camera is about to get closer to Single Reflect Lens capability. This phenomenon generally occur in digital camera at prosumer class, which has pocket camera looks, but with ability near to SLR capability. One good example come from latest Panasonic camera : Lumix DMC-LX3.

This Lumix is the successor of previous one, Lumix DMC-LX2 with some improvement for better performance. DMC-LX3 is designed to solved problems experienced by user, such like the ability to take shoot in narow room, where the image captured is very limited. That's why Lumix LX3 is equipped with extra wide angle lens 24 mm to enable user take picture from narow point. And if it's still not enough, a converter DMW-LW46 is available to make more wide angle into 18mm.

The use of Leica DC Vario-Summicon 24-60mm lens is to make sure the high quality of image could be produce. This lens has maximum diafragma open up to f/2.0. As we know the more diafragma could be opened, it will help producing sharp image in low light condition.

The most important improvement from Lumix LX3 is the modification in CCD censor tobe more sensitive. Panasonic inject high sensitivity CCD with 10.1 megapixel resolution. This technology let the camera produce high quality image even when it crops extremely. Another advantage of high sensitivity CCD technology is to minimize noise to image produces even using high iso.

Panasonic Lumix DMX-LX3 come up with 2 colors, black and silver. Image format supported by this camera is JPEG and RAW at 3968 x 2232 pixel max. Full resolution image at 2.5 frame per second, LX3 could record 8 frames in standard quality, 4 frames for fine quality, and 3 frames for RAW quality. For burst mode, 6 frames could be recorded by the camera.

Lumix LX3 is also equipped with intelligent Auto (iA) which very helpful for beginner to capture high quality images. Also there is Mega O.I.S (Optical Image Stabilizer), Intelligent ISO Control, Intelligent Scene Selector, Intelligent Exposure, Face detection, and AF Tracking, wow... Those features are to make user confort to produce high quality image and blow out all the potential of this camera.

Lumix DMC LX3 is not just fully automated digital camera. For those who like to experiment with features and parameters setting, Lumix LX3 is ready to go. Shutter speed, aperture, and focal pont coould be controlled easily through joystick at the back of camera.

It's alittle weird that LX3 is only equipped with 50MB internal memory, which only 14 fine picture could be stored. It's too small for the ability of the camera. For expanding storage capacity, SD card slot is available.

They said that the battery supplied could take about 380 frames in standard condition, which is display turned on. And to increase the life of the camera, just turn off the display and use the external viewfinder DMW-VF1 24 mm.


Camcorder FS Series from Canon

Camcorder, like any other electronic device is evolving. From cassette geneartion, to MiniDV that still using tape as media, until dvd disk with great image quality and easyness to play directly to player. Then recently camcorder with hard disk drive hit the market with the ability to store much hours of video recording.

Today, Camcorder has new way to store movie data, since Canon released their camcorder supports flash memory as data storage, and it's dual flash memory support. Canon FS series camcorder able to record movie in widescreen, and designed with slim and small size. Make it easy and nice to grab.

The dual flash support advantage is to enable you capturing nice moments with the camcorder even when the
external memory is accidentaly left at home or it runs out of the space. Canon FS11 is equipped with internal memory for 16GB and Canon FS10 has 8GB internal memory. For FS11 users, 10.5 hours ,movie could be captured without external memory, and 5 hours of movie could be recorded with FS10 with internal memory only. It's long enough for one time shooting..

External memory format supported by Canon Camcorder FS11 and FS10 is SD/SDHC format that easily to find anywhere. By using flash memory, no more worry to shake the device, and battery life is increased. Special appearance for FS100 that they are available in 3 different colors : silver, blue, and wine red.

The use of flash memory has several benefits, it enables you to hold the camcorder longer since the device has lee weight. Flash memory is known with fast responce to process, so no more lag or missing nice moment to capture. No need to worry when the device was shake because there is no moving component--like hard dri
ve-- inside flash memory. Lower power consumption make it longer life to capture moments. The last benefit is, it's easy to transfer from camcorder to computer, there is no need dvd burner, just copy paste it

Canon FS series are equipped with cool features like intelligent battery that enable you to be inform the rest of power to warn users when to stop recording. Magnificent Magnification with advanced zoom 45x, FS users could capture and close object from distance in 16:9 format with the sharpness of image maintained.

Canon Advanced Zoom enables users to zoom objects better then ordinary zoom feature. It works by maximizing the processor to produce high quality pixel from 1/6 inch CCD censor equipped in this FS series. Canon FS series offered 37 optical zoom support Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) as well. So the image will be still focused even when the camcorder shakes.

The use of Canon DIGIC DV II is guarantee that image and video will be captured in high quality. You could take picture also with this camcorder within 1 Mpx resolution. 2.7 inch at 16:9 display screen is equipped to shoot moments.

Canon FS series is perfect combination between stylish design and advance technology in movie recording. They offered new experience of capturing nice moments in your life.


New SLR Form Factor Offered by Matsushita & Olympus

We're all aware that SLR digital camera (or analog) has a boring form factor, or word 'boring' is not suitable, then rigid would be fit. The shape of SLR camera is almost never change, even untill digital era come. But recently, Canon offered DSLR for beginner with their low end EOS series which has smaller size than most DSLR camera has.

Some people believe the design of DSLR affects to selling number. Indeed DSLR camera market is growing rapidly rather than other digital camera class, but untill now, DSLR camera design could not match to other camera class which has more nice and stylish design, or smaller size to make it more handy. DSLR camera is dedicated for hoby or proffesional photographer who make a living from photography. But still, people will love more nice design, or more user friendly to use. This should be increase the sell.

So to, to jack the number of DSLR camera selling, Olympus and Matsushita are developing new generation of SLR camera with smaller and lighter design. They claimed had successfuly build a new format called Micro Four Third System (MFTS). This technology enable vendors to redesign proffesional camera tobe smaller and compact.

So Four Third System (FTS) is ready tobe left. This technology is open standard for censor size and reduce lens size, and also adding lens compatibility. This standard is only developed by Matsushita and Olympus. And lens FTS based is produced by Sigma.

With MFTS, it's possible to produce high resolution image from small device, that's what they claimed. But untill now, there is no further information about the actual size of their new camera system or when they are going to publish it in the market.


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